A little bit about myself…

The best is to begin as close to the beginning without going too far ( a little take on the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland).

I have started this blog as a place to share my research, trip preparations and all around writing.

So a little about me, I am Anthropology and Creative Writing major. I am almost done with my undergraduate degree after taking many years off.  In the midst of that time, I worked many jobs, doing various tasks, all the while longing to go back to school.

A few years ago I did, and as I near the end, I look forward to continuing on and not losing my perspective.


Now a little about elephants…

Well I love elephants, anyone who has seen me, my home or my Facebook knows I am obsessed and do not apologize for it.

Two years ago, my husband and I traveled to Thailand for our anniversary.  Before we left I booked two days at two different elephant tourist places.  One prided themselves on having ethical riding, and the other had no riding.  My dream had always been, to ride a elephant, but did not want them to be hurt.

Our first visit was to the camp with elephant riding.  While you are there, a mahout (trainer) teaches you the method and commands to “drive” the elephant.  When my turn came to tell the commands and make  the elephant walk around, I looked down at her and she looked up at me.. I couldn’t do it.

When the time came to walk along the trails on top of our dear ele friend, my husband and I rode together.

I will go into further detail of my experience there later…


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