Preparation is part of the Journey

Preparing is not only the technical and important tasks one always endures before a trip, but also mentality.

Last night I spent awhile conversing back and forth with the guesthouse I will be staying in between each visit to the places I will be volunteering.  Explaining my itinerary to them, it sounds confusing,  “believe me I understand” was what I kept saying, almost as if apologizing for some reason.

My trip is not a vacation, I feel this is an assumption by some.   To me, this a mission.  I know many people may not see this trip that way, I have many who support and believe in my work.

One of my projects involves this dear here.  Her name is Kabu, she was rescued last year by Lek Chailert.  She now lives at Elephant Nature Park.

Her story will break your heart, and then you see the smile on her face and know she is trying to forget her painful past.




3 thoughts on “Preparation is part of the Journey

  1. Please have a safe trip there my friend, I know that the vast majority of us wish to volunteer here too one day! Thank God Kabu is now safe, loved and cared for by all the Angels at ENP who work tirelessy each and every day to ensure that all the elephants under their loving care get to know and experience this love for the very first time in their lives! And please keep us updated if you can find the time during this awesome adventure giving back to the ellies, after all we will be living varcariously through you don’t you know! 🐘💞💞💞

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