A Dream come True with life changing results

After lunchtime, the group broke off into various places.  Some relaxed and napped in hammocks, while others read or enjoyed a beer.

I took this time as a chance to be alone with the elephants while the hot sun beating down on us.

Each one was chained, some stood still and others swayed back and forth as if dancing to silent music. I walked over to each one, caressed their trunks and looked into their eyes.I could feel their sadness and desperation, I felt as if they were telling me their stories.

For the second time that day I began to cry, these poor dears who I had come so far to see and to ride were not happy to do so.

I walked over to the one who I was sure I had taken many pictures with, but unfortunately could not remember her name.  I looked deep into her eyes, gave her a hug and told her I was sorry.




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