My Birthday Wish to You

On my birthday last year as I was reading greetings and wishes, I read of someone else also celebrating her birthday.

Her name is Mo Mo and she lives at the Yangon Zoo in Myanmar.  She was turning 62 and had been a resident of the zoo for fifty-five years.

I saw pictures of her dancing and wearing a ridiculous outfit and I got angry.

I knew I had to do something and made a birthday wish to Mo Mo that by our next birthday she would be free.

With the support and love of fellow elephant advocates we began a petition and eventually a fundraising campaign with the hopes of making the wish of her retirement come true.

The fight for Mo Mo’s retirement from a life of entertaining has not been easy.  There are many who wish for her to remain a member of the zoo life, as well as those who believe the time has come for her to rest.

Discouragement and frustration were clouding my heart and I stepped away from this battle, until today.  I have decided to visit Mo Mo as part of my trip, and will be doing so around our birthdays.

The post that introduced me to Mo Mo.

Mo Mo Birthday

Updated about 5 months ago
Today is the 18th of October, the Birthday Of Mo Mo, a 62 year old female elephant who was taken to the zoo in 1961 when she was 7 years old. Fifty five years that she has served and entertained so many people who have visited the Yangon zoo.
They will celebrate her Birthday and I am here in Thailand praying for her and I hope that she get the best Birthday present – to be released from ‘duty’ and sent to sanctuary for the remainder of her days. Please help to pray for this beautiful old girl to be retired soon. She deserves her golden age to be free of chain , circus and dignity living. Please Yangon zoo , please give her freedom on her birthday. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.


3 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish to You

  1. My Birthday Wish to You – Tiffany Parker

  2. I hope that Mo Mo will be retired one day to the sanctuary in Thailand 🙂 You show Mo Mo lots of love, thanks


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