Eyes Wide Open

On this rainy Monday morning, I am re-watching a video recently sent the page I am an editor for, Voices for Asian Elephants.

Most of my days are spent looking at horrific images of elephants abused and neglected as well as footage of torture.

I read every comment in regards to these, many are by people who although they are passionate about the cause, they can not bring themselves to see them.

While I very much understand this, I can not look away.  The world is full of such destruction and misery, and I have committed myself to doing what I can, no matter how intricate in the fabric of the world.

It is incredibly unbearable to watch mankind take their anger out on innocent beings, animals and humans.  Many have come to accept violence as the key to problem solving.

There are many moments I admit, I walk away after something has incredibly disturbed me, at times even take a walk and reflect. I then think about what I will see on my trip, the advice I have been given by those in the field before:

“Look for what they don’t want you to see.”



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