Yesterday I participated in a protest against the circus in Pittsburgh.  The wind was fierce and the air was chilly, yet we stood there steps away from the entrance.  We held signs of images such as these with words of truth.

There were words thrown at us and one gentleman and I exchanged words and I did let my emotions get the best of me.

My intentions for being there yesterday was not to call out judgement or point out flaws.

I was there for the elephants, for those who do not have a voice.  I saw children look at the pictures and ask the adults questions. What was puzzling was they would tell them “That elephant is being beaten” yet continue inside!

I thought about the stories I hear of abuse done to these dears by the hands of man.  There are many about elephants turning on these men and great tragedy happens.

I feel great pain and sadness.  We should never want violence and suffering to be the retaliation.

I think of the great Maya Angelou, and her beautiful words.  I would like to share my favorite by her:


One thought on “Rainbows

  1. Awesome job as usual, hard to understand how some parents can want their children to see such wanton abuse and treat it as being acceptable so long as it’s on behalf a “fun” hour or two of entertainment…Hopefully those images will stay with the child and they will NOT think that beating an animal into submission to perform is entertaining at all, perhaps the next great thinker and advocate will have heard your message loud and clear after all. It is what we are all here for, educate+awareness=exposure of the dirty underbelly of mankind’s ignorance, corruption but mostly greed of $$$ over life.

    Btw…loved the inspirational clip from Maya Angelou 👼🏼💞

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