Justifying a Dream

We live in a society where we feel we have to explain our happiness.  Not everyone may get our dreams, hobbies or choice in education or profession.

Why can’t that be ok. When I talk to someone about my trip in the Fall, I get asked many questions.  I enjoy these questions and answering them.

I like talking about what I will see and do, the chance to make a dream not only come true, but a possible career path.

Comments have been from ” I could never do that” to ” Aren’t you scared?”

I believe if our dreams don’t scare us they are not big enough.  I actually just finished a book with that title of a woman’s trek around the world.

Your dream is different than mine, just as my path is different than yours.

Embrace it. We need to stop being our own worst enemy and be excited with our accomplishments.  No need to always be humble, boast about them.

I don’t ask anyone to understand, just support and love.

Kabu finally home


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