Power of Words= New found friendship

A few months ago I saw a picture of two elephants and a gentleman with a stick next to them.  The post was stating that these two girls were being beaten.

The response was immediate by advocates and activists demanding to know where these elephants were, who was hitting them, etc. etc.

I was also included in the mass to demand justice. Until I met the woman behind the camera.

We did not meet face to face, but I read the words being thrown at her, comments of hate and I needed to know more.

The truth was beautiful and Laksmipriya & Bishnupriya, the elephants who live in Mayapur are so loved and cared for.

I learned about the dedication, love and care these dear girls are given everyday.  The commitment to providing them life long protection.

The riding I saw was not by tourists, but their care givers.  Tourists do not ride them.

They spend their days playing in water, their feet our treated and they are fed delicious food.

Knowledge is power.  I thank this woman for showing me to look beyond, when I see something to ask questions and not assume.

Thank you.



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