Mo Mo

October is a beautiful month.  The trees are covered with red, orange and yellow leaves.  The air has a slight chill that having a cup of tea or hot chocolate will sooth.

My birthday is also in October and as a lover of Fall, I embrace being a fall baby completely.

I share my special day with a dear elephant named Mo Mo, for her though her celebrations are not filled with happiness and delight.

Her day is spent performing for visitors at the Yangon Zoo, who come to see her dressed up in sparkly outfits and performing tricks.

This poor girl has been doing this for over fifty years.

Since I came across Mo Mo’s story I have been fighting endlessly for her retirement.  I have wrote petitions, started a GoFundMe and a Facebook page called Free Mo Mo.

My promise to her on our birthday last year, was her freedom.

There have been many roadblocks along the way, and to be honest I am only one person, but have the support of thousands.

This October I will be spending time with this sweet girl.  Perhaps I will be able to share good news with her, if not I hope she will sense I am there for her.


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