Innocent and Alone

This weekend a innocent elephant named Yani died alone at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia. For weeks she had been ill with a unknown disease and there wasn’t a vet present. The zoo has not had one on staff for a year.

Yani laid in filth and suffered till the end, tears ran down her face as no one helped her.

Sadly this story is not uncommon, animals in zoos all over the world are kept in horrible and unthinkable conditions.

The facilities lack the proper space, experts, staff and knowledge to properly care for these animals.

Yani was only thirty-four years old and if in the wild would have had the chance to live another forty years.

When I read this story, I cried and have continued to do so when I look at the pictures.

The people standing over her as she lay dying should be held accountable for their lack of action.

Elephants like Yani need help of those who care and are willing to be their voices.

Dear Yani, I am sorry your life was full of loneliness and pain.  Those whose hands held your care and well-being let you down.

May you Rest in Peace sweet one, we will continue to fight in honor of you.




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