Re-adjusting and going over tracks

This morning I participated in Bike to Work Day.  It is a great event and training.  After a stop at the event tent for treats and coffee we headed home.

Sixteen miles and almost home, my wheel gets stuck in a railroad track and I fall on my left hand.

Luckily we were not on a busy road and a police car was behind us. They directed cars to a different way and called an ambulance.

On the way to the ER, I talked to two wonderful medics, who were elephant lovers.

The Doctor was a very nice man who has been to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. He did a great job not only on my hand, but distracting me from the pain.

When the X-ray determined that my pinkie was broken, I started to cry, worried about my swimming lessons and yoga classes.

The doctor was so sympathetic and we had been talking about my trip and training, he referred me to the best surgeon he knows, and assured me that I would be better by August.

So until I see the surgeon this is me, bandaged up and typing with one hand.

Determined not to let this bring me down, I have already researched and asked about alternative yoga positions that do not involve the left hand.  Also my husband is coming up with a glove type bag that we hope I can wear swimming.

Fingers crossed, or in my case finger straight for a speedy healing.


2 thoughts on “Re-adjusting and going over tracks

  1. Tiffany, about 30 yrs ago I was preparing to do the second 7 days of a course which had a very challenging 4 day outside component! I had a broken small finger on my right/do,infant hand! I was in a short but above the wrist splint! It kind of looked like a cast. I remember panicking because I knew I would need my wrist for paddling Class 4/5 Rapids, plus high ropes challenges! My Doctor had the OT cut the splint just below my wrist. I was instructed not to paddle, even so? I found out once I was in the raft for a day, that I had to paddle to stay balanced in the white water, it all worked out, and I had an experience I’ll never forget! Had to tell you this, because I so identify with you! It sounds like your course will go smoothly, with some adjustments! You are a Warrior! I know that because I am a Warrior! I honor and respect you. Love you, too. ❤️

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