Confirmations and Togetherness

The past few days have been trying on the mind and heart.  As planning and confirmations begin to come in I was faced with dealing with some hard personal issues.

My grandmother passed away on Friday afternoon, she and I were not close which has always been difficult to understand.

Over the years I have come to the understanding that Family do not need to be those you are related to.

I spent this beautiful morning on my dear friends porch, drinking tea and talking. I left with big hugs and a heart full of love.

In the wild, female elephants spend their lives together.  Grandma, Auntie and Mother all have a part in raising the little ones.

When elephants are taken to sanctuaries some have difficulty recreating this bond with the other elephants.  Many overcome the shyness and bonds are formed, others though sadly can not forget their painful past and prefer to be alone.

I feel a connection to these elephants who try to find a family when there is no more.  There are many reasons to break away from relatives, whether by force or painful choice.

I dedicate this entry to my Grandma, Joyce Allison.

As you release this butterfly in honor of me,
know that I’m with you and will always be.

Hold a hand, say a prayer,
close your eyes and see me there.

Although you may feel a bit torn apart,
please know that I’ll be forever in your heart.

Now fly away butterfly as high as you can go,
I’m right there with you more than you know.

By Jill Haley



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