Taken before life could begin

“Mi Chaw’s mother is a jungle elephant.
She gives birth little Mi Chaw somewhere near Ngaputaw region.
The villagers didn’t know what happened exactly and when they see and hear the mother elephant who is crying out, they afraid and drove her away.
It was terrible.
The baby girl couldn’t walk.
She can not follow her mom and the mom ran away as she was afraid of the people.
Then because of the heavy rain, the poor fell down into the river but finally saved by the villagers but send to Timer Enterprise.
Now we are looking for a nursing mom but during this time, we need to help.
It is very expensive to buy the milk powder for her.
Dr Myo Min Aung needs your help to buy milk for Mi Chaw.”

This post was the first we heard about Mi Chaw, the helpless victim of the confusion of human interaction with elephants.

This poor girl, orphaned at birth, passed away within days of this…

I felt a deep connection to her, and when I heard of her passing I cried and was angry for her death that could have been prevented in so many ways.

Everyday, myself and fellow elephant advocates read about these beautiful giants being beaten, tortured, neglected and abused, and why??

So that they perform tricks, give rides and become nothing more than lifeless shells, subdued and broken spirits.

Each death is another broken piece of our hearts, never easy to understand, but when one is a baby, just days old…each moment of her life was a ticking time clock, rapidly finding a foster mother to accept her and ensure survival.

My heart is with you dear Mi Chaw, your short life and passing will not be in vain.  We will continue to ensure peace and love to your brothers and sisters.







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