What hat will I wear today?

Anthropologist hopeful, researcher and writer. 

Looking for work, trained and many skills. Willing and ready to learn new ones. 

I grew up with my Pap and Dad always having side projects, some were for money while others for fun.

They had skills and knowledge in many areas and I admire that. Everyone in the neighborhood knew about them.

My Pap had certain hats he would wear, depending on what project he was working on.

I do not wear hats, instead I have the shirts and shoes, pants and gloves for many occupations.

Yesterday, I was a weeder, Friday an office cleaner today a barista. 

I believe the jobs even if only for a day help prepare me for field.

As I clipped and pulled away at weeds in the 87 degree sun I thought about each experience.

Skills and strength I have gained while staining and ripping uniform of the moment. 

I write this while attempting to take a rest.

Images of elephants playing with grass make me smile as I close my eyes for just a second.


One thought on “What hat will I wear today?

  1. I sure pray that one day their would be no more worry that elephants weren’t being killed, poached , ridden ect, beaten and killed by villagers !

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