Where have all the sunflowers gone? 

Each year I plant an array of sunflowers, even a wall of beautiful varieties and sizes.

This year, the seeds I planted did not sprout, I believe the birds that live among the trees enjoyed a luscious feast.

Perhaps I didn’t dig deep enough,  or the distractions of one good hand and a trip to the other side of the world took over my thoughts. 

Regardless the precious rays of sunshine will not beam this year. Feeling reminiscent I looked through the photos of last year. 

Sunflowers as you may see are my favorite flowers.  They hold so much meaning and substance, beauty and strength.

I remember seeing sunflowers in Thailand though not the fields I had heard of so feeling curious I did a search. 

I was horrified to see these images,  never in my dreams would I wish this, people riding on the backs of these dear elephant in these magnificent fields!

This is not a picturesque moment,  this is torture! 


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