A month from today

On August 23, I will be leaving for a seven week journey to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

While I am there I will be volunteering and researching at six different locations, all committed to the elephants and the hill tribe people.

There will be long treks to endure, nights spent sleeping on mats, the heat, and of course meeting and engaging with the beautiful people and elephants I love already.

As the realization of the short time till I leave has set in, I have been a whirlwind of emotions.  Excited, nervous, scared, happy and worried.

Two years ago my husband and I spent our anniversary in Thailand, our time there was a wish and dream come true, I did not know then that not only would I be returning so soon, but also alone.

Our anniversary is on September 22 and this year we will be half a world apart, I in Thailand and he at a festival. Hopefully we will be able to send each other love and wishes that day if not soon after.

My heart is heavy with the thought of being apart for so long, his never-ending support, strength and love have guided me during this process and will continue to do so while we are near or far.

This trip began with a week stay at  Journey to Freedom with the Save Elephant Foundation, it was he who said “why stop there, go to as many places as possible and do as much as you can do while you are there.”

My best friend, biggest support and love of my life.  I vow to make you proud of me.


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