May Love and Time heal you

The other day a vision caught my eye that made me shutter to the core of my soul.

I saw into the eyes of a young innocent, taken from his mother and beaten, starved into submission.

The ritual called Phajaan, or The Crush. This is when where baby elephants are taken from their mothers.  They are forced into small wooden boxes, starved, stabbed, beaten, tied by all four feet, neck, trunk and body while a man sits on top.  This man tortures the baby day and night. The baby’s screams can be heard over great distances and will chill you to the bone.

This is to teach the baby who to listen to, who is boss and who to fear.

Zuki and his family were recently rescued by Lek and the Elephant Nature Park.

His eyes are empty, his spirit has been broken, taken away by the atrocity of mankind.

I try to hold much respect for all cultures and to not pass judgement on tradition, but this angers me to degrees in which there are no words.

In a place in which there is so much beauty and wonder, holds darkness in malice towards the beautiful elephants.

I share these images provided by Lek, in which the news of this baby was seen all over the elephant network.

Haunting and heartbreaking, I wonder what his dear mother felt when reunited with her dear baby.  Could she sense the horror and nightmare her precious child endured at the hands of man?

Perhaps she remembered her own…

I try to wrap my brain even comprehend what these people must be thinking.

To rip a soul away…

With time, love there is great hope that the light will shine in darling Zuki again.

My heart is with him and all these babies, some do not survive this.





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