Journey to Freedom 

I am at the Elephant Nature Park awaiting to set off for the week.

Thank you lovely driver for dropping me off and making me walk 13 minutes.  I arrived here, a little sweaty.

Now we wait.  

I will update when and if possible, if unable to, you’ll here from me on Sunday.


Hill tribe Museum 


Not my picture, because when I got there this morning it was closed. 

Open Monday through Friday although I could have sworn I read Saturday till 4:30.

I will try again during the week days I have in the city at the end of September.

Sabai Sabai

I entered Thailand without a visa and upon entry US citizens receive a 30 day stamp. So at the moment I am allowed in the country until September 23. 

This is a problem. 

I have scheduled projects until the 3rd of October, so I spent my first night restless and panicked.

At the immigration desk when I explained this I was told to get a stamp and that was it.

My husband and I researched visa guidelines and at first we thought I would have to fit in a day trip out of the country, reenter and get a stamp.

But! As luck would have it there is a cheaper and easier way.  Go to the tourist immigration and get a stamp there. 

So I set out for the office only to discover it had moved,  so my kind and funny cab driver drove me out to the office, walked with me to the desk and got the necessary papers. 

The amount of relief that was lifted off my shoulders is indescribable.

Me and my new friend left the office wheeling and laughing.  He started screaming Sabai Sabai! 

So I did too. 

Sabai, usually said twice, means taking it easy,  content, happy and feeling fine. 

Which I do.

Sabai Sabi jing jing 😊

Be prepared

I made it to Thailand yesterday afternoon safe and sound with a few bumps along the way. 

From the mouths of well traveled friends, expect flaws and mishaps in any trip.

No matter how much planning you have done or organized you believe to be, difficulty may arise.

More on that later….

It is 5:46 am here and jet lag, spending the night in an airport and nerves have not allowed me to rest. 

I did venture out to the Night Market for dinner and bananas and taking as much as my exhausted self would allow. 

Thank You

Tomorrow morning, I leave for the trip of a lifetime.  An experience which I anticipate with nervousness and excitement to the core.

There are so many truly amazing people in my life, friends and family. Many who we have yet to meet in person, but mean so much to me.

Without the support, love, encouragement and wisdom of all of you, this trip wouldn’t be possible.  I know that with each obstacle, tribulation and memorable moment I have the strength you have all bestowed upon me.

Each step along the way no matter how rough times may have been I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to take this journey.

I have spent the past few days enjoying individual cuddle time with my fur babies and turtle guy, done all the last minute preparing and had some adventures with the love of my life.

Thank you all!

Scrappy Gal

When I was a young teenager I wanted to go to Montana.  I had a great aunt and uncle who lived there and saw the desire in me to see the world. 

Each time they came to visit the family they would remind my parents of having me come visit,  taking the train and how great the trip would be. 

I always thought maybe this time would be the one when my Dad would say ok. He never did…

I was furious and he never had a reason I believed for not allowing me to go. 

I know he worried about my safety and getting there in one piece, this at the time before cellphones in every hand. 

I understand his worries,  even know as an adult I have accumulated more than my share of wounds and alarm.

I wonder what he would think of my travelling alone to the other side of the world.

At the moment I sit with my left foot propped up to stop the blood from a puncture wound,  covered in dirt and ready to go. 

If he can see me now,  he’s probably shaking his head, not surprised and proud. 

One week!

Two years ago, I was working in windowless basement as a daycare teacher. 

My husband and I were planning a trip to Thailand for our anniversary. 

The experiences we went through were life changing, as I believe they should be. Places and people should leave imprints in your soul and spirit.

I returned with a dream, a desire to see the lives of the hill tribes in a new light. 

To walk with the elephants and be two hands of many to show the good in mankind.

In a week I return to Thailand alone, but with the love and support of many,  especially my dear husband and best friend. 

Now for a week of preparing,  organizing and cat cuddling.