Prelude to Fall

This morning I felt the need to get a few miles of walking in before the busy weekend. As I entered the cemetery, I felt a crispness in the air, leaves had begun to decorate the lush green ground.

A doe and her fawn were munching as I walked by, I noticed the mother had a slight limp.  The deer who live in the cemetery are so used to the traffic of people walking and in cars, you can almost reach close enough to touch them.

I talked to the doe and asked if she was ok.  Her tail wagged as if she was saying “Yes”.

My walks through here will soon be on hold.  When I return the trees will be covered in leaves of gold, red and orange. Pumpkins will be left on dear ones graves and the scent of apples from the cider house will be dancing in the air.

The temptation to sit with a book or write almost won over the necessity of things to do and time.

Such a beautiful moment, a preview of what is to come. Autumn will be here to welcome me home.


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