Sabai Sabai

I entered Thailand without a visa and upon entry US citizens receive a 30 day stamp. So at the moment I am allowed in the country until September 23. 

This is a problem. 

I have scheduled projects until the 3rd of October, so I spent my first night restless and panicked.

At the immigration desk when I explained this I was told to get a stamp and that was it.

My husband and I researched visa guidelines and at first we thought I would have to fit in a day trip out of the country, reenter and get a stamp.

But! As luck would have it there is a cheaper and easier way.  Go to the tourist immigration and get a stamp there. 

So I set out for the office only to discover it had moved,  so my kind and funny cab driver drove me out to the office, walked with me to the desk and got the necessary papers. 

The amount of relief that was lifted off my shoulders is indescribable.

Me and my new friend left the office wheeling and laughing.  He started screaming Sabai Sabai! 

So I did too. 

Sabai, usually said twice, means taking it easy,  content, happy and feeling fine. 

Which I do.

Sabai Sabi jing jing 😊


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