No judgement 

It’s 8 :00 am and Chiang Mai, the rain has been coming down for hours and I woke up thinking I overslept.

Today is the first day of a little break…and I am antsy.

Yesterday, I returned from a over night stay at a sanctuary which left me with mixed emotions.

I saw the best intentions with horrible actions.

A friend of mine gave some cherished advice “look for what they don’t want you to see.”

What do you do though? Who am I to step in and tell a young boy whose life’s purpose is to make sure his elephant allows groups of tourists a day to fondle, take selfies and stand the perfect way for that perfect Facebook\Instagram image!?

A dear elephant knocked me onto my knees while myself and the group I was to stay with for the night walked around the sanctuary village.

With my scream of surprise the elephants were taken into the jungle, after the poor girl was repeatedly poked…

I didn’t talk to go this mahout, whio is probably only seventeen, doing what he has been taught to do to reinforce control.

Did that dear girl see me as a threat? Was she angry that I did not have food?
I apologize for not having pictures to go along with this post.  Will be doing extensive ones with images and video when device is fixed or replacement one is purchased.


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