Happy Anniversary

Today we are both sitting in our offices at home.  The wind is blowing and the sun is fighting for time against the clouds.

On September 22, the first day of Fall you and I will not be together to celebrate our anniversary.  We will apart by miles and time, but never in each others hearts.

When the preparations began for this trip I didn’t want to go at this time, to miss out on the beginning of my favorite season and our celebration.  Unfortunately the other alternative was January.

I can not thank the universe, fate or whatever it may be that brought us together eleven years ago.

The roads and paths we have been on together have had some bumps along the way, but we always face them together, hands clasped around each other.

My dear husband, you have supported me in every endeavor, from going back to school to going half way around the world without you.  You have encouraged me to follow my dreams and I hope you know I wish the same for you always.

You have my eternal love and friendship, you are my best friend and love of my life.

On our wedding day four years ago, you said to me and our friends and family:

“Let’s start our chapter”

We have always had a bond, and my promise to you on our wedding day, rings true forever.


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