The images are not all pleasant and the clanging of the chains against the ground are real.

I arrived in Surin Monday morning to the sight of four elephants in chains outside my door for the next week. 

Some were swaying back and forth,  and a mental overload.

My first thoughts were what the hell am I doing here! ??

I knew I was going to see a great deal, see pain inflicted on the elephants to listen, but I wasn’t ready to witness first hand. 

Needing some time, I went for a walk within moments a group of tourists from the neighboring were behind me sitting in a chair on the back of an elephant. 

Hot and tired being forced to work…
The project is here to show an alternative to such practices, sadly there are mahouts who do not want to follow the guidelines.

A particular elephant is not part of the project, he is very famous in Thailand yet spends every day in the same spot.

His front legs are chained and he is not even given the chance to walk in the enclosure built for him!

The reason his owner says is he does not want his tusks to chip or break.

Point blank the reason is money. 

As I write this I see dear Thong Bai trapped in the prison of money, no care of his happiness and well being.


One thought on “Surin

  1. I am so disturbed about the life that “famous” elephant is living. He must always be chained up in that same spot. I can’t imagine seeing it in real time. So upsetting.


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