Tonight I am in Bangkok, sipping on Chardonnay before falling asleep on a cloud of pillows, fresh linen.

My experience the past five weeks has given me not only knowledge about the elephants, but also a glimpse into the world of those who dedicate their lives everyday

Elephants and mahouts entrust their lives to one another. The villagers everyday see the elephants walk by.

What a vision this is!

I’ve witnessed moments of great beauty and extreme distress, elephants restrained and tourists grabbing a baby’s trunk while the mother pulled and screamed fearing her baby is in danger

I have also seen great shifts of change in the elephant tourism industry. Elder mahout’s stepping away from the hook and relinquishing control which the hook represents.

Eleven days left in this trip.  Tomorrow I travel to Cambodia and then to Myanmar.  Time to rest for 6:30 am departure.


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