My Days with Mo Mo

I knew what to expect, but seeing the grim reality of Mo Mos life broke my heart and enraged me.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday there, a chance to observe her days and changes that take place.

To begin this dear girl is absolutely beautiful and so intelligent anyone can see this upon instantly meeting her.

When I arrived she was chained, the reasons were she’s nervous and doesn’t like the little one. She and a young male bull where the only ones on this platform in chains.

Her interaction with the others was so sweet, they would come over and stroke her and she would place her trunk in their mouth.

Many times throughout the day someone would come to feed them a few pieces of sugarcane and make Mo Mo do a little shake and trumpet. She shakes her head around, does a little shimmy and the people are happy and go on their way. Meanwhile she sways back and forth until the next person.

Watching her do this continuously was so frustrating and then she tried to pull off her chain.  My heart broke.

I had lunch there at a noodle stand beside the platform, more visitors pay for a small container of five to six pieces of cut up sugarcane.

This was the only time the elephants ate. The brochure says feeding time is 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.  That’s it.

Also, she was unable to reach the water and none was given to her.

She would come over to us even when we didn’t have food and give us her trunk.

I left the first afternoon unsure what the next would bring and hoping she would not be chained.

The next morning I arrived to see feeding time, I was appalled to see that not only was it late, they were only given a few stalks of sugarcane a piece!!!

Elephants are grazers and to feed them so little is not only unhealthy it is plain unethical.

Mo Mo was chained in the same spot and I could sense her disgruntlement. She faced away from the fence only vaguely responding for food.

She head butted an elephant that was walking by, not the one who she allegedly didn’t like. After this Mo Mo reached out to her.

Again I also saw little food being given to them and when a man came to hose the floor Mo Mo was still not given water!

I said goodbye to Mo Mo and wished her a Happy Birthday. On the first day I bought bunches of bananas for them all.  On the last day they did not even have this option and feeding them outside food is not allowed. Even though there is a stand selling bananas by the zoo entrance.

I was truly enraged, sickened and wanted to scream at the handlers, the visitors and all those responsible for this horror called Mo Mos life.

She turns 63 on the 18th and I am fearful she may not make it another year if forced to live in this hellhole.

The fight is on full force for her retirement to a sanctuary, where she can finally be at peace and live the remaining years of her life with freedom and love.


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