When a place touches your soul

I return home with a new love, a place which captured my soul and left me with questions and curiosities.

Myanmar, I knew little about and focused on seeing Mo Mo.  For a year I have campaigned, petitioned and raised money in hopes to the end of her 55 years of working.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by the face of a dear friend and we were meeting for the first time.

My first evening we ate dinner at her home, visited the most beautiful pagoda and then dropped me off at the hotel with hugs, gifts and plans to see Mo Mo.

The first day I walked around the streets of Chinatown, at times in the pouring rain and the only one wearing a raincoat. ( take umbrella next time)

I  was amazed in the dress, the people and a bus which went by with pieces missing yet still functioning. Tradition is still there.

Zabe and I met the next day at the zoo and discovered Mo Mo in chains, which is unusual and Zabe asked the caretakers. Apparently she is nervous and doesn’t like one of the little ones is the response given.

We take this picture, which captures a friendship from across the globe built on a dream in hopes of making reality for Mo Mo.

A country going through so much change and new to so many, I feel honored to have ended my trip in there.

I plan to return when a sanctuary is open and with great hopes Mo Mo will be there, roaming in the forest, grass beneath her feet for the first time.




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