Celebrating and Remembering

Happy Halloween!

This weekend we spent the spooky weekend in the  woods, camping at the Laurel Highlands hiking trail.

The hike consisted of 13 miles both days, and yours truly only fell twice, both times on the troublesome left hand.

Tomorrow is Dia de lost Muertos, Day of the Dead and we have celebrated the past few years by placing an ofrenda, (altar) on our porch in remembrance of our loved ones.

My pap passed  away two years ago on November 1, my dad and grandma passed away in November as well.  This is my way of honoring them and paying homage to a religious tradition I respect.

I find great beauty in the preparation and reflection.  Last year my sister and I were in Mexico City at the beginning of October.  People were purchasing the paper flags, calaveras and other necessities.

Celebrating this helps me also to heal and respect those I miss and think about every day. A way to celebrate the past, present and future.

Also these two ladies love pumpkins and thinking of them especially today makes me smile.

Thong Dee, Mae Kam

Pap and I.



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