I believe in the issues and call you about them.

I spent the past year working towards the freedom of Mo Mo. I began two petitions, a GoFundMe and Facebook page spreading the word and urgency of her freedom.

While I was traveling, I spent the day with a sanctuary in which the option to ride an elephant is included, I politely declined.

These are two issues I feel incredibly fierce and strong about, my personal opinions do not reflect or are meant to change the opinions and actions of others.

Even without riding, I had a wonderful day with elephants and listened to their belief about riding and although we disagreed no hard feelings were toward one another.

When I stood by Mo Mo those days at the zoo, my eyes were full of tears yet composed I remained.

This week, I started a new job with a new challenge, calling people (yikes) in support of current issues and non-profits.

Have I done well so far…

The urgency of the issues is very strong, as a new comer I am nervous, but with a slight shaky voice.

I write this today as a reminder of standing for your beliefs, using your voice even if you have been used to the clicking of computer keys.


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