Where is your voice?

Yesterday I traveled home to visit spend the day with my niece and leave pumpkins on the gravestones of my family.

As I was driving I looked at the numerous election signs in the yards, on the highways and outside the businesses.  A few I did not know, the one I saw the most though has been imbedded in my mind.

I wondered about the minority in not only the small town I grew up in but across America. What are their thoughts?

The assumption of rural America is the gun holding, conservative, religious stereotype.

There is more to the people than the pigeonholed scenario.

What about those who live in these towns for safety, the security of family but hold strong democratic and liberal views?

Are their voices heard, or lost in the angry shouts of the Republican elect supporters?

One highlight of my day was seeing a Clinton sign, and I happily honked the horn and felt proud.

Great changes are happening and I believe once the election is over the country will reunite and focus on what is important.

Being a nation, a country built on the hopes of dreams of those who came for a new life, a fresh start.  Where they could work, practice their beliefs and not be persecuted.

America is great, we must remember that.




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