Can we unite?

Last night I watched as history was made, the most bone chilling moment.  A despicable man being voted by this country as our next President.

I was stunned, disappointed and mad as Hell and still am.

I thought about the people I met while I was traveling in Asia and their reaction to me being an American.

Two years ago and now, the response is so vastly bewildered shocking, I was apologizing for the actions by my fellow Americans before the voting took place.

While I was volunteering at BEES Elephant Sanctuary, we spent some time helping to build steps for the new temple.  A monk came over to my group and asked where we were from, the two with me were from Scotland and I am from America.

He started to cheer “Obama Obama” and danced around in excitement. He had recently seen President Obama in Myanmar.  The energy this monk felt for not only our President but one I voted for and respected had me dancing around as well.

Then he purchased taro ice cream on hot dog buns and white bread for all of us.

That moment in Thailand was my happy place this morning, when I woke up and remembered that last night was not a bad dream.  We really our now at the mercy of someone who is unstable and the people around the world are questioning our sanity as a nation.

On my way to Myanmar, I sat next to a woman who had very much enjoyed the airport bar before our departure.  She was Europe and travels around the world frequently.  On the short flight, we enjoyed a Chang Beer together and talked about the craziness of the United States.  As we were getting off the plane, she grabbed my hand and said “Don’t let them let Trump win”.  I laughed it off.  I said there is no way he will win, with complete confidence and assurance in the people.

I was wrong.



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