Against all Odds 

I was getting ready to go to bed when a video popped up in my newsfeed.

Sidda, a wild elephant had been shot last month and stuck in water unable to move. 

The pain he endured whole fighting to stay alive is unthinkable. 

When he was finally rescued the future of this poor soul looked bleak. 

He laid down for hours at a time,  which is not good for elephants. Most of their time is spent standing and only laying down for short periods.

He also was not digesting food properly and not keeping enough water down as well. 

The future looked bleak and many talked of ending his suffering.

Tonight I received a video of him standing, not quite on his own yet.

He was also show in his huge spirit and butting the fence enclosure.

He is improving and fighting against all odds.

Against all circumstances and hope. 


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