“It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story”

Lights dimmed and drumming began, a quiet humm as the audience settled in.

I watched unable to look away,  at the women who carried with them the love, strength and relationships of the women of their family.

I wish I could relate… A hollowness has been in my heart, to see unconditional love and family traditions being passed down with such trust and understanding and feel alone.

Women had the strength of other women, the grandmas, aunties, sisters and mothers. I yearn for this everyday.

The search has not only began, I can remember the longing of having a mother-like person who I could talk to, learn from and would love me for me.

Great emptiness can bring such pain, in which I feel no one understands.

I have seen the coming together of women in villages, the laughter and sharing care of the children.  The bonds they have with each other is their strength.

While I was staying in a village in Thailand, each day as I would walk to meet with the others to see the elephants, I hoped to see my neighbor or the grandma who I was staying with.  Sometimes I did, and other times the roads were empty.

The men of the village were rarely seen, but the women would peek their heads out, curious about us, but unable to communicate.

Dinnertime was different and a woman would come and visit with us while we ate.  Eager to talk and with lots to say.

I too have lots to say, I just wish I knew the voices of the women of my past.

I seek out family, eager to connect and sad to be alone.


“A Thousand Voices”, focuses on women who carry forth the collective memory, traditions and beliefs of their ancestral families, clans and tribal communities. Each woman, though not speaking for her tribe, tells a story deeply rooted to her culture. . . and the “thousand voices” that precede her. The documentary brings us Native women who have chosen lifestyles carrying them into modern life and different arenas, from writing poetry about the ordinary lives of Native people to running a construction company that remodels traditional homes at a Pueblo. This eye-opening film shatters stereotypes …


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