Thoughts after asking

The new job is very different from anything I have ever done,  but my work with Free Mo Mo was the convincing factor to hiring me. 

I must say asking for help, writing petitions and such from the comfort of my computer is different than asking for monetary support for the issues in the country.

This job has definitely made me talk about subjects I may not know much about.

I’ve asked for support on issues I may not agree with,  but in response have talked to people who have perhaps have not spoken to anyone in days. 

A elderly woman whose husband had recently passed away told me interesting stories about her life, in between tears and asking what she would do now without him. 

Her hope was dwindling not only was her partner gone she now worried her son would put her in a home and take HER home away.

Beauty, struggle, pain and love are around us mixed together. 

I came home from that night crying for her and all who feel alone and hopeless.  They may not be able to see any light.


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