Presentation at Chestnut Ridge

Yesterday I spent the day speaking to sophomore students at my high school.  The presentation spent time with each sanctuary as well as my time in between and of course my time in Myanmar.

This was important for me to share.  So many years ago I sat in those classrooms and dreamed about writing and seeing the world.

Being able to share my experiences, especially to the youth where I come from was a hope I had from the beginning.

I spoke to seven classes and had mixed responses.  Some asked questions, while others I think were anxious to begin the Thanksgiving Break.

Two young girls did come up to me after class and we talked a bit about writing, they were both interested and were curious about what to do.

One even had her picture taken with me!

At the end of the presentation I explain that elephants are just one of my passions or obsessions if you want to call it that.

I kind of felt like I was standing on the soap box telling them “Go after your dreams, big or small”

This small town girl found her way.



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