Showing support

A few weeks ago I submitted an article idea to a local newspaper called The Bulletin.  The idea was about the advocacy and fundraising throughout Pittsburgh in support of Standing Rock.

At the moment I have attended four events with three more happening this weekend. The response of the people is amazing and more is dire, because this situation is serious.

I have talked to those who have prepared to go and heard from those who have returned.  The situation is very crucial and real.

Everyone I talk to say one main statement: Mainstream media is not showing the whole story.

It is hard to comprehend that there are many who believe this is not an issue for all of us. As I see ravens flying around searching for food and think of the mysterious owl who lives nearby, we as human beings take away so much for money, luxury and  “a better way of life” with little thought to the consequences.

prayer-about-landUnity and Strength


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