Stretching towards India

I just read that more elephants have died in India from being hit by speeding trains.  I have been setting my sights on traveling to India someday soon, the idea used to be just to see the beauty of the country.  Now the notion is changing and the urgency to help the elephants takes precedence.

This happens quite often, more than is should.  The victims of this accident included two females who were pregnant.

When I see images such as this I’m enraged, sick and frustrated.  As I sit here, these endangered creatures are losing their lives.  Why?? Because man thinks the land is only theres with little thought to those who live here as well.

All over the world, buildings come up in locations where a marsh once was home to creatures now extinct, trees are cut down for more shopping plazas, grocery stores and other buildings we do NOT need more of!

The tragedy in this picture and the others in the article are from a train! What were the elephants doing, walking with their family!

The audacity to think that mankind has every right to take whatever land they want without care to the consequence is disgusting!





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