What are your traditions?

In just a few days Christmas will be here.  The preparation, food, decorations and song will be in full swing.

Throughout my life I have seen traditions come and go.  The old ones fade away with time and new ones begin in remembrance and honor.

When my Dad passed away, I started to decorate for Christmas on his birthday which is December 1.

On this day, my husband and I drink hot chocolate, watch something holiday related and bring the box of decorations from the basement. I feel our loved ones who have passed away are with us as we string the lights on the tree and our cats come to see the decorations and bat them off the branches.

This year was different, because we were going away for the holidays, we chose not to decorate the house, instead I brought most of the ornaments with us.  Lovingly packed them in a suitcase, anticipating placing them on the tree.

I love hearing the tale folklore of all holidays, they go alongside the old wives tales and legends of Santa, snowmen and the christmas tree.

I ask, what are your traditions?  What do you and your family hold dear to your heart?

I would love to hear them and hope you share them.

My Dad loved the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” I have seen this more times than I can count and love it as well.

One of my favorite memories was sitting with him and watching the Bailey family.  His favorite moment was when the bell rings on the tree, ZuZu says that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.  George laughs and says that’s right, and looks up towards the sky and tells his friend “Thata boy Clarence”. This will forever stay with me in my heart.its-a-wonderful-life


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