The New Year is upon us

2017 is just days away and the resolutions and promises of improving oneself are in the thoughts of many.

I think back on the year as the beginning of the hopes, travels and work I had for so long hoped to do and anticipate each day.

The risks which make my life exciting and interesting, whatever they may be. From traveling alone and loving it to seriously making a name for myself in the writing world and elephant advocacy… all such a dream come true.

My resolution for the upcoming year is to continue to do all I can here and around the world for the causes I believe are important.  To learn and embrace the culture and people of this vast world, and to write as much as I can about all I see.

I look forward to learning the ukulele, finding myself spiritually, reading every day and finishing school.

I will work everyday to ensure Mo Mo will retire and be free, and I will find deep inside myself the artistic side which must be there, right??

I vow to live each day as an adventure and to laugh, smile, embark on the unknown and humbly bow to the familiar with love and respect.


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