Musings of Mao

The thought of animals abandoned, homeless and without the warmth and comfort of a family breaks my heart.

When I was in Asia, I saw many cats and dogs who lived on the streets.  In Cambodia, two travelers and myself were almost chased by a few dogs on the way to our lodge.

This lady here is the warehouse cat who I named Mao, and every day she runs over to us as we unlock the door and spends the day with us.

Each business in the complex takes care of her, with feeding her,  vet visits, and a cat bed (we have).

If she were in Pennsylvania, there would be no way this could be, but Mao lives in California and loves the sunshine and cuddles of everyone.

She is very fortunate and I think if someone tried to domesticate her she would not be very happy.

Unlike the ones whose purpose was to guard the house or keep mice away,  they loved their humans so much, yet were cared for, she has the love of many.

Mao is the epitome of an independent free spirit.



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