Trying to get this Blog noticed

Happy Monday!!

So I am trying to get this blog read, commented liked or hated. I began with the intentions to write about the elephants and hope to venture everywhere…literally.

What I hope is to share and inspire, whether a trek with an elephant named Justin Bieber or hanging out with storytellers in Tennessee.

All the experiences, what happened, the details, whatever will make the read something YOU want to spend your precious time on.

Which is what every writer hopes, to be a part of the reader’s life,  if only for a moment.

This weekend, my dear friend and I spent the day at a local museum called the Bayernhof.  The home of an eccentric, and with the request of my husband I am not posting the pictures, because well this place you have to see for yourself.

Here is the link though.  They are open by appointment only.

I will share one image, which is on the website that I did not see.zita

I highly recommend if you are in the Pittsburgh area, to see this mansion, you will not be disappointed!


Will not stop till you stand on Grass

The other night, I received word that Mo Mo, the elephant I have been working on retiring to a sanctuary for over a year, was retiring… from performing.

The zoo feels this is a great change in her life, and yet felt the need to say. “She will be kept there until her last breath.”

I congratulate the Yangon Zoo on the feeble attempts to quiet the determined and for believing that this small step would quiet myself and others around the world set on FREEING MO MO.

I may be in on the other side of the world, but my voice will reach your deaf ears to the truth.

As my country is faced with the most political turmoil of my lifetime, I am not afraid to speak out on the disgrace and injustice that falls upon my eyes.

Do not believe this small victory will appease anyone.  The fight is not over until this dear sweet lady is retired to a SANCTUARY and her days of performing and chains are over!!!

In the dark moments

Today has not been a good day, I will not go into the details why, but the clouds have hung overhead without a chance of sunshine.

When someone does not understand my frustration or tears, when an imperfection is pointed out by a friend or loved one, I turn to Maya Angelou.

I think about the Rainbows in my Clouds, the people alive and passed who give the strength despite agreeing or even knowing what is heavy on my heart.

Too many times, I have looked for this in people, disappointed and broken, wanting to give up…rainbows-in-the-clouds

Shout out!

Last night while finishing up some work an email came to me saying “Do you love Thailand as much as we do?”

A call to submit a story about your experience in Thailand for a blog.  Well this became how I spent my night.

I immediately went to the blog and read about their travels, and one of the writers I knew of.  Her book had been waiting in my Amazon cart for weeks!

I sent her a request and she responded immediately asking ME questions about my trip and the elephants!

So I sat back down and wrote a piece on my week at BEES Elephant Sanctuary and The Lovely Thong Dee (which is actually the title).

Tan Your Mind is the project and I heard about them from Outpost Magazine which is always a great read full of adventure.

At the end of the night I clicked Submit and purchased the book.

For anyone interested in adventure:





Finding your Roots

One of my resolutions for the year was to learn more about where I am from and the past about my family.

After giving two assemblies on my trip to Asia and experience with the elephants, I headed to the library.

Growing up the library was accessible to me by Bookmobile, which would park across the road from my house in the local store parking lot.

I looked forward to the Monday afternoons when I would hear the vehicle pulling in, full of  stories waiting to be read.

Anyway, I have been very curious about the folklore of the area so a great place to begin searching is of course the library!

I came across a volume of stories put together by a local author and historian, ten volumes to be exact and checked them out.  Once again card holder of the Bedford County Library.

Then to continue my search I went to the Historical Society and was warmly welcomed and helped by ladies who were surrounded by documents, clippings, and books on the search for ghosts of the past.

I found a great deal and purchased a membership to their society.

The most interesting part though was meeting a relative, who came into the society while I was there.  He is a director and was a friend of my Paps.

He directed me to even more information and how to go further back into the family history, he reminded me of my Pap too.

Across oceans, mountains and unknown terrain, the importance of knowing the stories and history of family before me I believe will give me great insight into who I am.

Plus it’s very fascinating to read the stories of your ancestors.



Writing Workshop

This is the first week of a five-week writing workshop I am in.  Each day you have a prompt and are required to write at least 300 words. The prompts have been great and make us delve deep into why we write, what we hope to write about and where we find our stories.

Tonight I thought about the great works of Walt Whitman.  I have been a fan for years and oddly while in California, a car commercial in which a famous quote of his rekindled the interest in this writer of long ago.

As a teenager, I wrote poetry and carried with me a small book of Emily Dickinson’s work.  Her solidarity was a mystery and I felt a connection, both of us oddities in a world of conformists.

She viewed the world from her porch while I embrace the excitement of travel.  Tickets in hand, bruises from a pack or having my carry on break as I  get off a plane.

I love the stories whatever occurs and lovingly reminisce each moment. I used a quote of Walt Whitman’s  which is in one of the books delivered to me today.

Writing is my ultimate happiness.songs-for-the-open-road



Viva Las Vegas 

Today is our last day in Vegas for the 2017 CES.

My second time visiting the city that never sleeps, and following in the spirit neither did we. 

Staying in Old Vegas was great and a huge contrast from the Strip.

While I did not make it to the Mob Museum as I had hoped, catching an Elvis show dressed in late 70s Mumu was the perfect night. 

Everywhere you look there is a place selling prime rib or a buffet. My advice to try a buffet but check the reviews first.  Not all are good, we had two and the first was terrible!

I DID though play one machine and win $24.00 and walked away with my winnings.

Who knows what tonight will bring…