A reflection

Today was a stressful day, work complications and the frustrations of getting everything done just right.

A fellow elephant advocate posted a video about two elephants, best friends, that Luke and I met when we were at Elephant Nature Park two years ago.

In April, Mae Perm passed away, she was the eyes and light for her beloved friend and her passing left a darkness for Jokia.  She searched in the places they would play together.

Watching this lifted the pressure from my shoulders, as does seeing Mao, our warehouse cat wandering around before closing time.

I must share with you this precious video, they fill my heart with so much love and hope.

Thank You Diana for sharing this today.

Me with the these amazing best friends, who have and forever will give me inspiration.

me with elephants

From Lek Chailert:

Lek Chailert

It is very hard for Jokia to believe that her best friend, Mae Perm, is gone from her life. After Mae Perm passed away we brought Jokia to walk out from the enclosure because we don’t want her to be too stressed inside her shelter . The first steps beyond her door, she rushed to find her friend , and called every minute, searching her trunk to call Mae Perm. She expected as every time prior that when she spoke her low rumble to call Mae Perm, that she will come to hug and comfort her, as every time before ! But now there is only emptiness and no familiar word. I can feel her emptiness. I can see her tears run down with fear and confusion . My heart is so hurt and devastated with deep pain for my girl lost and for the beautiful one left behind, darkness surround. While Mae Perm was here she was the light behind Jokia’s eyes, and the will to live. Since Mae Perm passed away, Jokia spends her time looking for the place, the smells, the memories where they walked together all around where they both used to stay together. She sniffs everywhere, and when she finds where Mae Perm has peed, she stops for a long time to observe and then she displays her sorrow and clearly mourns. I Hope time can help to heal her. Currently she spends her days with Navaan and his family but she is uneasy..Yai Bua and the other elder nannies didn’t work out..Please pray for Jokia to find a new precious caring friend, someone who can be her eyes and the light for her. If you don’t believe about animals having a strong bond and animals having such deep feeling watch this video..