Writing Workshop

This is the first week of a five-week writing workshop I am in.  Each day you have a prompt and are required to write at least 300 words. The prompts have been great and make us delve deep into why we write, what we hope to write about and where we find our stories.

Tonight I thought about the great works of Walt Whitman.  I have been a fan for years and oddly while in California, a car commercial in which a famous quote of his rekindled the interest in this writer of long ago.

As a teenager, I wrote poetry and carried with me a small book of Emily Dickinson’s work.  Her solidarity was a mystery and I felt a connection, both of us oddities in a world of conformists.

She viewed the world from her porch while I embrace the excitement of travel.  Tickets in hand, bruises from a pack or having my carry on break as I  get off a plane.

I love the stories whatever occurs and lovingly reminisce each moment. I used a quote of Walt Whitman’s  which is in one of the books delivered to me today.

Writing is my ultimate happiness.songs-for-the-open-road




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