Finding your Roots

One of my resolutions for the year was to learn more about where I am from and the past about my family.

After giving two assemblies on my trip to Asia and experience with the elephants, I headed to the library.

Growing up the library was accessible to me by Bookmobile, which would park across the road from my house in the local store parking lot.

I looked forward to the Monday afternoons when I would hear the vehicle pulling in, full of  stories waiting to be read.

Anyway, I have been very curious about the folklore of the area so a great place to begin searching is of course the library!

I came across a volume of stories put together by a local author and historian, ten volumes to be exact and checked them out.  Once again card holder of the Bedford County Library.

Then to continue my search I went to the Historical Society and was warmly welcomed and helped by ladies who were surrounded by documents, clippings, and books on the search for ghosts of the past.

I found a great deal and purchased a membership to their society.

The most interesting part though was meeting a relative, who came into the society while I was there.  He is a director and was a friend of my Paps.

He directed me to even more information and how to go further back into the family history, he reminded me of my Pap too.

Across oceans, mountains and unknown terrain, the importance of knowing the stories and history of family before me I believe will give me great insight into who I am.

Plus it’s very fascinating to read the stories of your ancestors.




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