Will not stop till you stand on Grass

The other night, I received word that Mo Mo, the elephant I have been working on retiring to a sanctuary for over a year, was retiring… from performing.

The zoo feels this is a great change in her life, and yet felt the need to say. “She will be kept there until her last breath.”

I congratulate the Yangon Zoo on the feeble attempts to quiet the determined and for believing that this small step would quiet myself and others around the world set on FREEING MO MO.

I may be in on the other side of the world, but my voice will reach your deaf ears to the truth.

As my country is faced with the most political turmoil of my lifetime, I am not afraid to speak out on the disgrace and injustice that falls upon my eyes.

Do not believe this small victory will appease anyone.  The fight is not over until this dear sweet lady is retired to a SANCTUARY and her days of performing and chains are over!!!




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