Trying to get this Blog noticed

Happy Monday!!

So I am trying to get this blog read, commented liked or hated. I began with the intentions to write about the elephants and hope to venture everywhere…literally.

What I hope is to share and inspire, whether a trek with an elephant named Justin Bieber or hanging out with storytellers in Tennessee.

All the experiences, what happened, the details, whatever will make the read something YOU want to spend your precious time on.

Which is what every writer hopes, to be a part of the reader’s life,  if only for a moment.

This weekend, my dear friend and I spent the day at a local museum called the Bayernhof.  The home of an eccentric, and with the request of my husband I am not posting the pictures, because well this place you have to see for yourself.

Here is the link though.  They are open by appointment only.

I will share one image, which is on the website that I did not see.zita

I highly recommend if you are in the Pittsburgh area, to see this mansion, you will not be disappointed!


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