Silent yet amazing

For years I have searched for audio video of Frida, with no luck.  While customer servicing during the day, I am researching one of my projects.

This summer I will be visiting San Francisco to witness celebrations dedicated to Frida Kahlo and for a wonderful cause.

I will be writing about the event and sharing stories of my travels to see the great works of my favorite artist. A woman i admire and imagine would be my best friend.


They think trash is food

Five minutes ago, I glimpsed outside my office window and saw a man through a styrofoam cup full of coffee on the ground…and kept walking.

From the branch high up in a cemetery tree dangles a plastic bag.  How will this bag get untangled and release the tree?

I think about the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  The parade nearby will cover the streets with plastic beads, candy wrappers and beer cups.

Why do we treat our planet this way?

When I was in Myanmar one of the elephants (the one to the right) mistook my plastic bag for food and grabbed it off my arm and ate it!

The reason for the plastic bag was because I had bought them bananas…

She did not know that was not food and neither do the animals around the world who fall victim to our discarded trash, unwanted items and careless conservation.

This happens all over the world, animals confuse our trash as food and become sick or worse, lose their lives.

Action must happen. The images I included are Peanut, the turtle deformed by a six ring pack and this polar bear in the arctic who is relying on trash for survival.



Story with my sister

Today is Valentine’s Day so I first will say Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband. He and I do not really celebrate this day.  The one year though, in the midst of a HUGE snow storm, we did go to the bar he worked at and he purchased a bottle of champagne there.

This picture is from Feb 13, 2011.  I was at the end of six days of cold and science infection, being taken care of by my love.

A story I have been working on since my trip to Mexico with my sister has recently been submitted for the third time.



Trails Challenge

So in December I signed up for the 100 Miles Challenge, with the determination to start immediately, regardless of the bitter winter cold.

Then I forgot…

So I am recommitting myself to the challenge along with photos to encourage and inspire myself and others to not let the winter glum you down!!

My friends and I have made wonderful memories on the trails, camping and around the fire.

When our niece Hazel first learned to walk, we took her on her first hike!

The temptation to put it off for another day, one where the busyness of work and responsibility as the excuse are at an end!

Who is with me?

Wish to do more

This morning a post from BEES- Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary made me wish I could jump on a plane and return.

Thailand, does hold a deep love in my heart, but I want to be able to help.  From the other side of the world, I sit at my desk and see how time does not stand still as I returned to the everyday occurrences of life.

I feel helpless…

BEES is place I hold dear to me.  My experiences there were like no other.  Thong Dee, an elephant I connected with, is in the photo.

Photo credit: BEES- Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary