My Blog is scattered like my thoughts

My blog posts range from spending time with elephants in Thailand to camping in the woods of Pennsylvania.

The interests I have are worldly and I have much to say. I do so because I have maintained the thirst for knowledge and to continually educate myself even without the piece of paper I have working for on and off for the past sixteen years.

Education is power, knowledge is power and when we dismiss those who have worked night and day, sacrificed time with family and put their own health at risk to achieve this then we hold no strength in being a society.

In the short time since the inauguration I have witnessed and heard people speak of fear, for their jobs, their health care and the safety of their children.

This is not to call anyone out on whether you voted for our current president or not, but let’s be real: The fear is real.  To those who called liberals like myself cry babies over losing the election, have you or someone you loved been told their employment was at risk?

Wake up America…




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