Seeing your name in Print

Every time a piece of mine is published, I get the giddy excitement of a child.

I think there is nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, you gotta be your own cheerleader…

Two pieces were published this week and I am happy as a clam.





There’s always a mystery downtown

This weekend I went to see The King and I as well as Banff Film Festival downtown.  As I entered and exited both events, I was could not get over the crowds up and down the streets.

Years ago, everything was closed by 7.  The streets were practically empty aside for a few spectators for events.

My friends and I would never suggest hanging out a bar there or going to dinner anywhere, just did not happen.

Over the past few years though, the revitalization of the area is amazing.  The streets are alive once again, just as they were years before.  Lights shine for plays, new eateries and the ones which survived the years of bleakness are still prominent and with the history of Pittsburgh.

One tab always for travel

There are at least twenty tabs open on my computer, and all of them are work related.

From left to right my daily tasks are aligned.  Voicemails to emails, tracking information, to web sites to check out.

Lonely planet is in there along with Amazon, writing queries and Southwest Airlines.

I am fortunate and as the sun shines in this late afternoon, eight hours is long enough.

Others may find the idea of being home so much distracting.  I find I have never got as much done in my life and in my pajamas.