Frida, Heat and a bit of Phoenix

Within moments of stepping off the plane, I knew I was going to be hot. The reality of how hot it can get in Phoenix though…

My singular reason for visiting was to witness the spectacular exhibit of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Also, the chance to stay in a shipping container which has no windows.

One thing Phoenix does not lack is beauty especially when you venture out into the desert.

Colors so vibrant and sand you want to run through, yet don’t want to end up burning the s*** off the bottom of your feet.

My first morning, I trekked to the Heard Museum in already 100 degree heat.

Heat gulping water like it’s air you do not realize how hot you are silly are because sweat evaporates almost immediately.

A sweaty mess by the time I arrived meant nothing to me. I was fully prepared to spend the whole day in awe.

The GPS on my phone though was overheating and within hours I needed to retreat back to the Airbnb for the charger I had left behind.

What can one say when staring directly into the eyes of their hero?

The Majestic Beauty Frida Kahlo portrays in each piece of hers this dark and raw, painful and true.


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