So, my last blog entry was quite a while ago and a lot has gone on.

To begin, India was great. Although, I did have three massive migraines while there, but long story short, that has been remedied and I feel great.

If you have the chance to visit India, DO IT! DO IT PLEASE! Do not be afraid because of what a few may have experienced. If we allowed fear and uncertainty to rule our lives, just think about what we may miss out on.

I had the honor of attending a wedding in Bangalore. Three days of festivities and celebration, plus amazing outfits, henna and meeting the nicest people.

Thank You to the beautiful bride and groom for allowing me to be a part of their wedding. I will never forget it!

My welcome home from India was Fall in full force! Which included a new and spectacular view to wake up to in our new home.:)

What I wouldn’t give for that instead of snow, which is continuing to fall as I write this.

Pictures such as these though will keep my spirits high.


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